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We are one of the best service provider for the following services mentioned below, since we are in this field for more than 10 years, from which we made ourself the best in the following services :- Hotels in kodaikanal,Hotel in Kodaikanal,Kodaikanal hotels,Kodaikanal hotel,Budget hotel in Kodaikanal,Budget hotels in Kodaikanal,Best hotel in Kodaikanal,Safety hotels in Kodaikanal,Family hotels in Kodaikanal,Cottages in Kodaikanal,Cottage in Kodaikanal,Kodaikanal cottages ,Kodaikanal cottage ,Budget cottages in Kodaikanal,Home stay in Kodaikanal,Kodaikanal homestay ,Family cottages in Kodaikanal,Travels in Kodaikanal,Kodaikanal travels,Best travels in Kodaikanal,Kodaikanal travel ,Travel in Kodaikanal,Call taxi in Kodaikanal,Car rental in Kodaikanal,Tourist sport in Kodaikanal,Sightseeing places in Kodaikanal,Best sightseeing places in Kodaikanal,Travels in kodai road railway station ,Dormitory in Kodaikanal,Group stay in Kodaikanal,Tour package in Kodaikanal,Honeymoon tour in Kodaikanal,Refresh hotel in KodaikanalKodaikanal group stay ,group stay at kodaikanal ,group stay in kodaikanal ,cottages for group stay in kodaikanal ,group stay resorts in kodaikanal, 2 bedroom cottage in kodaikanal ,3 bedroom cottage in Kodaikanal,4 bedroom cottage in Kodaikanal ,6 bedroom cottage in Kodaikanal,5 star cottages in Kodaikanal,5 bedroom cottages in Kodaikanal ,double room cottage in kodaikanal,cottages in kodaikanal for family ,independent cottage in kodaikanal,kodaikanal cottages ,low price cottage in Kodaikanal ,cottage near Kodaikanal,single cottage in kodaikanal,dormitory rooms in kodaikanal ,hotels with dormitory in Kodaikanal,cheap dormitory in Kodaikanal,tour package for Kodaikanal,tour package of Kodaikanal,tour package to Kodaikanal,Group packages to Kodaikanal

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HOLIDAY PACKAGES KODAIKANAL  we run various Holiday Packages for our customers depending on the days they stay , we have got special offers on GROUP STAY , DORMITORY, ROOMS and COTTAGES , we do provide home made food during stay as per their us for extra seasonal offer.
HOLIDAY PACKAGES KODAIKANAL we run various Holiday Packages for our customers depending on the days they stay , we have got special offers on GROUP STAY , DORMITORY, ROOMS and COTTAGES , we do provide home made food during stay as per their us for extra seasonal offer.
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Budget Cottages in Kodaikanal
Budget Cottages in Kodaikanal INR 4000 INR 2500 Rich time Holidays always leave a evergreen memories in the hear of the visitors,Our SML cottages are Clean and safe which can accommodate a small family,Hot water and ever ready staffs are their always for your assistance round the clock We also provide very hygieneic food if asked for ,as per the clients wish. True 1466839502
Cottages in Kodaikanal
Cottages in Kodaikanal INR 8500 INR 7000 RICH TIME Holidays offers variety of Cottages at various locations, this is a Medium Size Cottage perfectly suits for a Family Stay which have very good spacious rooms,we offer food on call as per the clients wishes,Apart from this price we do have various cottages of various pricing too. True 1466839850
Best Cottage in Kodaikanal
Best Cottage in Kodaikanal INR 15000 INR 13000 RICH TIME Holidays offers XLRG cottages which is Luxurious and Safest Cottages ,with well organised landscapes,lawn and place for camp fire etc .. its on the perfect place for Honey Moon couples and also for the big families and groups.We offer homely food as per call. True 1466842180
Honeymoon Packages Kodaikanal
Honeymoon Packages Kodaikanal INR 18000 INR 15000 Rich time Holidays - offer LUXURY Honeymoon packages ,which comes with Double extra spacious rooms,facing the scenic nature of Kodaikanal,comes with King Size Bed ,with best quality Lenis Bed spreads,we offer the best variety of Homely foods as per your wishes True 1466859183
Group Stay in Kodaikanal
Group Stay in Kodaikanal INR 2600 INR 600 Group Stay in Kodaikanal Rich time Holidays offers the excellent and Safe Stay in Kodaikanal, we also have various packages for individuals and for groups too, right now we run Special Offers on GROUP STAY , DORMITORY in Kodaikanal , to know more about the offers call us, directly. True 1469196536
Kodaikanal Cottages
Kodaikanal Cottages INR 9800 INR 8000 RICH TIME Holidays - LRG cottages are decent and safe for large family ,couples or groups,all our cottages are situated at various pleasing locations of Kodaikanal,we also offer variety of best homely cooked foods as per the need of your clients. True 1466840746
Dormitory in Kodaikanal
Dormitory in Kodaikanal INR 2100 INR 500 Hotels in Kodaikanal, Hotel in Kodaikanal, Cottages, Rooms, Kodaikanal Stay, Homestay Kodaikanal , Kodaikanal Cottages, Group Stay anything you name it , we are the best of all those in Kodaikanal True 1469196636
Budget Hotels in Kodaikanal
Budget Hotels in Kodaikanal INR 2000 INR 800 One of the Best Package which is really value for money ,you get standard comfort facilities in good clean locations in Kodaikanal. True 1466789937
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